Transportation & Traffic

Improve Our Traffic/Transportation Infrastructure

“With increased development we are now experiencing traffic congestion that is not only frustrating but is impacting our quality of life.” – Harry Oberg

My Goals:

  • I pledge to promote an updated, forward-looking traffic/transportation study to define and prioritize the county’s infrastructure needs.
  • My priority for highway projects will have “safety first” criteria.
  • I will advocate for advancing our economy through excellence in transportation infrastructure.
  • I will protect against local government crowding out private-sector transportation jobs and services.

I support improving our traffic/transportation infrastructure. Our economy depends on it. As county supervisor I will be proactive and work collaboratively with local municipalities to address transportation needs and issues. We must plan for future growth, which is already happening, with a primary focus on safety and congestion mitigation.

A comprehensive, forward-looking study to improve our traffic management and transportation infrastructure throughout the county is long overdue and would help to relieve frustration and improve quality of life for our residents. As your supervisor I will advocate for this study to be conducted as soon as possible with our municipal partners.

I believe in small, efficient government providing essential services where private enterprise is absent. However, the county Board of Supervisors recently approved and accepted a $3.6m federal grant spread over 3 years for a new public transit system between Prescott and Prescott Valley that will compete with private transportation providers. In my opinion accepting this grant is a mistake. We all are aware that federal grant monies dry up and taxpayers are left with the bill. This transit system will be no different. It will create an unknown amount of debt for county taxpayers to operate this system after federal grant monies disappear. Time and again public transit systems across our nation have proven to be unsustainable and require major taxpayer subsidies. Our county transportation needs are being fulfilled by private transportation providers in our communities including Uber, Lyft, taxis, private van service, and volunteer organizations. A public transit system will most likely put these private services/business owners and their employees out of work. Why would the county be pursuing a public transit system that will shut down private enterprise and kill jobs, especially when private businesses are trying to recover from the virus economic lockdown? Only the private sector can meet transportation demand for quality service at the best price.