Preserving Our Western Heritage

Preserve and Promote Our Western Heritage (Quality of Life)

“I will preserve our quality of life by promoting the importance of our western heritage, culture and values.” – Harry Oberg

My Goals:

  • I will preserve and promote our western heritage, culture, and strong traditional values that are foundational to our way of life. In large part, this is why I am now running for county supervisor.
  • I will protect our county’s quality of life by sustaining our natural resources through conservation, effective management, and common-sense zoning.
  • I will maintain the Second Amendment sanctuary status for Yavapai County that protects our constitutional rights.

Our wide-open spaces and rural atmosphere allow our citizens to enjoy their freedom, pursue varied lifestyles, and benefit from ample amenities, which include clean air, wildlife viewing, national forests, trails, and wilderness opportunities. We must be vigilant and make wise decisions to preserve these natural gifts. I pledge to protect these resources through conservation, effective management, and important common-sense zoning.

While weather and location are important, it is the Western culture and heritage of this county that bring so many people here to visit and live. Preserving and promoting our heritage, local culture, and strong traditional values are essential to who we are. This is why I have served as vice-president of the Western Heritage Center and Foundation and on the boards of the Prescott Rodeo Advisory Board, Friends of Prescott Airport, and other community organizations. My goals are to ensure that our rich history is preserved and shared through education, art, music, and events such as the Prescott Frontier Days Rodeo that enhance our western lifestyle and promote Prescott as the “Gateway to Yavapai County.”

As a son of the west I have long defended our Second Amendment rights. I have been a strong supporter of the Second Amendment since 1970. That is why I am in agreement with the Board of Supervisors in their vote to approve Second Amendment sanctuary status for Yavapai County. I see this as a “Sense of the Board of Supervisors” similar to a “Sense of Congress” which is a non-binding resolution that does not have the effect of law. However, it does convey to the citizens of this county and law enforcement the Board’s support of private firearm ownership. Also, I believe if the Second Amendment is ever repealed the First Amendment will soon follow.

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