Economy & Taxes

Streamline County Services so Every Tax Dollar Delivers for Taxpayers

“I agree with Thomas Jefferson that the best government is that which governs least.” – Harry Oberg

My Goals:

  • I pledge to remove barriers and increase efficiency in county government to help restore the prosperity of local businesses and enable them to sustain jobs for their employees.
  • I will work to entice and promote new businesses and industries that offer well-paid positions for graduates of our local schools and colleges.
  • I commit to halting the construction of a new jail in Prescott. Economic prosperity cannot be restored or new businesses attracted to Prescott and the surrounding area if a new jail complex is built here.
  • My votes on matters that come before the County Board of Supervisors will always be based on least economic impact and regulatory burden on the taxpayer.
  • I pledge to make government a champion of free enterprise by protecting private-sector jobs against government encroachment.

A goal we all share is bringing more economic prosperity to the county for a higher quality of life. I am the county supervisor candidate that will protect our residents’ economic welfare that sustains our quality of life.

When I initiated my campaign in February, the world looked and felt quite different than it does today. We were in a booming economy with the lowest U.S. unemployment in many decades. But what a difference we’ve seen. Due to the Wuhan virus economic shutdown, unemployment has skyrocketed and businesses are struggling to stay alive.

So, my focus has changed from boosting prosperity in the county, to doing all I can as your county supervisor to help bring private industry back to health. That means cutting county government red tape, taking down barriers, and helping businesses get back in operation as quickly as possible. Industry is innovating to respond to this crisis and so must government. We must remove burdensome government policies, regulations, and taxes that inhibit the private sector.

I will lead the break-out from the “business-as-usual” government mindset and launch new and innovative ways to support private industry and generate higher-paying positions for graduates of our local schools and colleges in the process.

But none of these efforts will succeed if a massive jail complex (up to 600 jail beds at final buildout) is constructed in Prescott. A jail complex will result in lower property values, higher taxes and more county debt which creates a negative business environment. Existing businesses will flee, new businesses will locate elsewhere, and economic opportunities for our graduates from our high schools and university/colleges will be further reduced, exacerbating the “brain drain” of our best and brightest. In addition, medical and overall health services will be strained; and schools, roads, infrastructure, and essential county services will be negatively impacted by reduced property tax revenue. The new jail complex must be stopped. Other, more practical, and less expensive options are available to resolve the “jail problem” and should be pursued. Let’s not ruin our community for the sake of a new jail complex.

Click here to view letters that Harry has sent to local businesses to hear their input on how gov’t can lift the burden off businesses.