11/6 – We did it!!

Hi Everyone,
If you are not already aware, I was voted in on election night as the County Supervisor for District 1. I want to thank all of you who placed your trust and confidence in me by voting for me to be your representative on the County Board of Supervisors.

This was a long and unusual campaign cycle. After announcing my candidacy over 9 months ago, we had to re-evaluate our campaign strategy due to the Coronavirus and subsequent lockdown and isolation protocols. Needless to say, it was very difficult and challenging to run a campaign when people were concerned about the virus. Trying to hold conversations with people while observing social distancing and talking through a mask was tricky to say the least. But we got through it, and we were successful in getting my message out to the voters in my district.

I want to thank all those terrific people who served on my campaign team. I was fortunate to have a very energetic and dedicated group of volunteers who provided invaluable support in so many ways.

Also, I want to thank the many people who contributed so generously to my campaign which was critical to getting my message out by radio, newspaper, post cards and social media.

And thanks again to all who voted for me. I feel blessed to be given another opportunity to serve you and our county. I’m looking forward to taking the oath of office in early January and getting to work on your behalf. My door will always be open and my email is always available to you. For now use HarryforBOS1@gmail.com

Thank you,