9/7 – Labor Day 2020 Statement

We pause today to honor, respect, and thank those who make such tremendous contributions of time, energy, and sweat for the success of our nation overall. They are the laborers who serve our local communities reliably and continuously and supply us with our every need. We honor our teachers, nurses, manufacturers, fabricators, loggers, truck and bus drivers, retail workers, painters, construction workers, farm and ranch workers, police and firefighters….too many to name. All are in our hearts and thoughts on Labor Day for the selfless service they provide each and every day to keep our communities safe, strong, and prosperous. We especially think of the workers in our own communities who have struggled these last several months due to the virus economic shutdown. Together we will climb out of this stronger than before. Yavapai County communities are coming back, and restrictions are being lifted more and more each week. We will continue to support each other. And as your candidate for County Board of Supervisors, my job # 1 is to return our communities to economic health and vibrancy while paving the way for even greater prosperity in the months to come with new business and employment opportunities for our workers. My pledge is to lower taxes, cut debt, and insist that county government services are more affordable and accountable to our hard-working laborers and taxpayers, and to make our communities more attractive for new business. Together we CAN do this, and I’m excited and honored to be part of our economic recovery effort. God Bless our Laborers this Labor Day and God Bless the USA.

Harry Oberg
Candidate for County Supervisor, District 1